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My Top 5 Birthday Presents – EDIT

I done a Christmas themed one of these back in December so thought I'd do one for my birthday as we are now in the run up to my 26th birthday! 26! I am not prepared for this at all. Hunger Games Book - My best friend got me this for my birthday a couple… Continue reading My Top 5 Birthday Presents – EDIT

Real Life

2019 Goals Check Up

Ok we're now into summer and just like checking on my reading list I am going to have a look at how I'm doing with my goals for this year. Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 is filled with good memories and new experiences. If 2018 was a bad year for any of you,… Continue reading 2019 Goals Check Up


Lion King Will Always Be My Favourite

I've already said in a previous Disney related post that Lion King is my favourite movie and in celebration of Lion King's 25th anniversary (wow I feel old), and of course the new live action remake, I thought I would look back at why this movie is and always will be my favourite movie ever!… Continue reading Lion King Will Always Be My Favourite